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Sound of Nature sells rare ethnic traditional Chinese musical instruments made by famous masters from China. Art of Nature supplies Chinese traditional art and crafts. Flora of Nature exports seeds and seedlings of Chang Chun clivia miniata. Please see detailed information below.

Sound of Nature Chinese music store
Art of Nature chinese crafts store
Last updated Feb 09, 2011
Last updated Aug 10, 2008

The "Sound of Nature" sells traditional Chinese wind and string musical instruments from both the main stream and from ethnic minority groups, all made by professional masters. These include xiao, dizi, Yuping flutes, xun flutes, wudu (Chinese ocarina), ocarina whistle, panpipe, bawu, hulusi, Dong ethnic pipa, cow's leg fiddle, morinhuur, tobshuur, huobusi, saliva fiddle and more....

This rare and scarce pool of strange exotic musical instruments is hardly accessible elsewhere.


The "Art of Nature" supplies Chinese arts and crafts including shadow pupets, batiks, paper cuts, wood-block prints, antique ethnic costumes, ethnic hats, village peasant paintings, wooden dixi masks of Guizhou. We have big detachable Weifang kites , mini kites and mini kite sets from Weifang (Shandong), the international kite city of China. We have grass weaving crafts, scarf, vases, scroll paintings, Naxi Dongba calligraphy wall-hanging, and more....


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