updated Aug 15, 2008
Bawu is a free reed transverse instrument of ethnic minority groups in China. We have top quality bawu made with tiger bamboo, queens' tears bamboo and African crane gourd. Our collections are made by renowned masters in Yunnan and other parts of China.
Bawu by Shang Ze-shan
Bawu by Zhang Li
Bawu by Fan Di-zi
African Crane Gourd Bawu
Tiger Bamboo Bawu
Queens Tears Bamboo Bawu

African Crane Gourd Bawu Demo ~~~~~~~~updated Aug 15, 2008
updated Jul 26, 2005
updated Jul 26, 2005



Bawu Fingering Chart
Bawu / Hulusi Instruction Fingering Score Book (New !!)
Bawu / Hulusi Instruction VCD (New !!)
Bawu Legend