About Chang Chun Clivia Miniata
"Chang Chun is the homeland of Chinese Clivia Miniata, so Clivia became the municipal flower of Chang Chun. Grateful to the efforts of several generations of clivia cultivators Chang Chun Clivia has got the utmost premium species with highest world standards. Now Chang Chun Clivia are not only well-known in China, it was famed for its unique qualities and has won myriads of awards in world clivia shows. In 1999 Kunming World Flora Expo, Chang Chun Clivia got the champion and became a focal point among flowers. In 2000 the China Post Office issued a Clivia stamp series and the head office held the First Day Issue in Chang Chun. These raised the status of Clivia."
Chang Chun clivia
-extract from the preface of "Chang Chun Clivia, Excellent Species Review & Cultivation", written by Zhu Yie-Jing, the Chief of Chang Chun Municipality.