Chen Xun-yao, Chang Chun professional Clivia Breeder

Chang Chun clivia cultivator

Chen Xun-yao in his greenhouse.

Chen Xun-yao has been doing researches and working on clivia for over 20 years. He is now the Vice Chairman of Chinese Clivia Miniata Association and Vice Secretary of Jilin Provice Clivia Miniata Association. He has developed many new top quality hybrids such as Oil Worker Short Leaves,Yellow Round Heads, Round Head Patterned Face, Yellow Short Leaves, Big Patterned Face and received numerous awards. In 1999 he was awarded by Chang Chun Municipal Government for his contributions to clivia promotion.
He has written and edited several books on Clivia, the most important one being the "Chang Chun Clivia Miniata --Excellent Species Review & Cultivation", written, edited and photographed by himself. He is also the co-editor of "Clivia New Species", "Clivia Cultivation Demonstration with Pictures", "Standard for Clivia Appreciation & Assessment", "Clivia Miniata --My Cultivation Experiences", "Clivia of China". book on clivia in China
Chen has been active in exchanging cultivation experiences and ideas with both local and overseas clivia enthusiasts. He has exchanged seeds with Nakamura. His hybrids are specially admired in South Africa and Australia.