updated Aug 21, 2005


Dongba is a vertical wind instrument of Jingpo ethnic minority group in Yunnan Province of China.

The flute is made up by a reed mouth piece, a wood sound tube and a cow's horn resonance box.

There are 8 finger holes: 7 in the front and 1 at the back.

Sharp high pitch, mellow low tones. It is usually used for playing pieces with slow tempo. Dongba is closely related with the life of Jingpo people. It is the main musical instrument of Jingpo traditional songs and dances. Besides playing in festivals, Dongba is also widely used by Jingpo people for leisure in the fields when crops are ripen. It is Jingpo's habit not to play the dongba after crops have been stored in warehouses. Dongba is also an important instrument in sword dances and elephant-leg drum dance.