updated Aug 10, 2008

African Crane Gourd 3 Melodies Hulusi (New !!!)
This African gourd has retained a long bent stem which resembles the neck of a crane, so it is called African crane gourd.
The African gourd was orginally grown in Africa and was imported and transplanted in China in 1999 by Hulu Chen.
The African gourd has to be treated with a kind of Chinese medicine called "Er Cha" and preserved for 200 days until it turns deep red or dark brown before any hulusi production process takes place.
Because of the rugged interior, African gourd hulusi can effectively avoid noise and minimize echoes. So the sound of this kind of hulusi is very clean and clear.

There are 7 finger holes on the main pipe, 6 in front and 1 at the back. 2 drone pipes, both can achieve harmony. Both drone pipes can be controlled by simply opening or closing the plum blossom valves (thumb valves) at the back of the drone pipes. This allows the highest dexterity during performance without having to move the hand to plug or unplug as in conventional foam valves.
When the valve is open, the high tone drone pipe produces a ¡§mi¡¨ tone along with the ¡§so¡¨ tone of the main pipe when having all finger holes closed.
And the low tone drone pipe produces a ¡§la¡¨ tone as resonance.

With protective cushioned box.