updated Aug 10, 2008

Detachable Tunable 3 Melodies Hulusi (New !!!)

All the 3 pipes are detachable to enable convenient caring, replacement of the main pipe and repair works. Engraving of landscape motif on the gourd.
No paint, no lacquer. This leaves the gourd with the best ventilation and highest resonance effects.
With signature of the maker.

With tunable sliding joints.

There are 7 finger holes on the main pipe, 6 in front and 1 at the back. 2 drone pipes, both can achieve harmony.
Both drone pipes can be controlled by plugging or unplugging the foam valves.
When the valve is open, the high tone drone pipe produces a ¡§mi¡¨ tone along with the ¡§so¡¨ tone of the main pipe when having all finger holes closed.
And the low tone drone pipe produces a ¡§la¡¨ tone as resonance.
With gourd shaped zipper bag. Convenient for hand carrying or back carrying. The back belt is detachable.