Last updated Aug 17, 2008
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Flute Players:  
Rohan Leach - Composer & Bawu Player  
Rohan Leach has been playing a lot of ethnic instruments, now principally a bawu player, he has appeared on the award winning "If Not Then Else" by Alpaca Guessed. He has performed in Macau with the Singapore Philharmonic, and Prague with members of the Czech Ensemble. As a composer he has written for most ensemble types, from string quartets to full orchestras to solo classical guitar.
Gary Stroutsos
International recording artist Gary Stroutsos is a composer, educator, producer, and performer of world flute music drawn from or inspired by traditional cultures and their reverence for the earth. Performing on Native American and Chinese flutes, his repertoire is deeply respectful of ethnic cultures and the spirit of place found around the globe. Influenced by jazz, Afro-Cuban and Native American styles, his performances of original compositions and traditional music weave delicate melodies into a global landscape with improvisation, world percussion and the sounds of nature.
Instrument Collector:
Atlas of Plucked Instruments  
An encyclopedia of all the world's plucked instruments of lute, guitar, banjo and mandolin type. Based on a large private collection of plucked stringed musical instruments (plus additional material from books and websites), this ATLAS will give you information about almost all the different plucked instruments still in use.
Kite Flyer:  
Home Page of One Kite Flyer  

Homepage of Marty, a kite enthusiast in the Charlotte, NC area. He makes and flies kites.