updated Aug 23, 2005


Mendi is a wind instrument of Yi minority group in China. Popular in Chuxiong Yi Group Autonomous Prefecture.

Mendi is also called "Benmohei dili". In Yi's language "benmohei" means worm's shell, "dili" means "flute". So mendi can be explained as "a flute using worm's shell as mouth piece". The flute is made of bamboo, reed tube or eagle wing feather tube.

We have 4-hole mendi (key of G), 5-hole mendi, 7-hole mendi and double-tube mendi.

Tone range: more than one octave.

The right hand hold the flute and control the finger holes, the left palm is mainly used to tap the flute end to control tonal quality and dynamics.

Sharp and bright sound. Very large volume, suitable for outdoor playing of expressive pieces.

Mendi playing