C.R. Guo --The Man Who Builds the Guiness World Record of Ten Thousand Players Playing Ocarina
Now almost reaches 60, C.R.Guo is an enthusiastic ocarina performer, reformer and educator. When he was a child he has been interested in folk art. He started to play xiao flute, dizi transverse flute, erhu(2-string bowed instrument and tree-leaf flute, all by self-learning. In 1977 he began to make and play ocarina and study the saw-qin (saw instrument). In 1989 he followed Great Master Zhao Xong-ting to study xiao and dizi playing. From 1995 he has been teaching saw-qin in schools. Over these years he has been organizing numerous ocarina activities in Taiwan. These include recruiting ten thousand players to play ocarina and entered the Guinness World Records in Dec 18, 2004.
Learning center of ocarina--managed by C.R.Guo to train students to play together in the Guinness activity

Guinness World Records --Ten thousand players playing ocarina (Dec 18, 2004)

  Mr. C.R.Guo (the one standing in the middle with white hat) and his students
Celebration for entering the Guinness World Records   C.R.Guo playing saw-qin