updated Aug 15, 2008

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Speckle Series

Small Speckle Wudu
Medium Speckle Wudu
Large Speckle Wudu
Fire Sparkle Series   Fancy Series
Large Wudu Fire Red
Large Pink Wudu
Earth Series new !!!
Performance VCD
Information Pamphlet  
Photos of Bi Yin-sheng
Bi Yin-sheng--the Son of the Orient
In 2000, Mr. Bi visited Zhang Xue-liang and played various instruments for him.


In 2000 Chairman Jiang met Mr. Bi


Bi Yin-sheng's Chinese ocarina (wudu) demo with the accompaniment of ancient instruments such as pipa, set chimes, set qings (stone pieces), xiao flutes, dizi, zheng....