Xiao flute is a vertical Chinese traditional wind instrument. We have 4 major flute categories from famous flute makers in China: Mahogony Wooden Xiao flutes by D.Q. Guo, Tiger Bamboo and Root-end Bamboo Xiao flutes by W. D.Huang, Queens Tears (Xiang Fei) Bamboo Xiao flutes by D.Z. Fan and stage effect black gold crackle Xiao flutes by Y. Yao.
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shell inlay xiao
tiger bamboo xiao
queens tears bamboo
gold crackle bamboo xiao
root-end bamboo xiao
chi bamboo xiao
dragon head xiao
bone xiao, horn xiao



Fingering Charts for 8-Hole Xiao Flutes

Fingering Charts for 6-Hole Xiao Flutes