The Chinese Shakuhachi Master M.Z.Ying

updated Sep 5, 2004

Ying Ming-zhang, born in Ruian, Zhejiang in 1952. He liked playing flutes and Xiao flutes ever since he was a child. He has been working and specializing in making flutes and vertical xiao flutes for over 30 years. In 1977, he began to improve flute-making and flute-playing skills under Mr Zhao Song-ting, great master of flute-playing, and thus became one of his excellent students in flute-playing and flute-making. Ying is the unique one of Zhao's official sucessors. He has been engaged in professional flute-making and theoretical research in flutes and vertical flutes.
With the help and support of Master Zhao Song-ting, he developed with Mr Zhao wind instruments such as "Dragons and Phoenixes Malachite Flute", "Malachite Zhyuan", "Bend Low Shell Flute ( Huilong Di)", " Coppertube Bi-Sound Chi (Wild Flying Goose Chi) ,"Imitated Ivory Flute", "Ox Horn Pan Flute", "Tang & Song Dynasty Style Chiba (Shakuhachi)" and "the Warring-States Style 13-Tube Pan Flute", etc.. He succeed in developing "ultra-low Enormous Dragon Flute" of 43.6 hertz. Among them Bend Low Shell Flute is collected by Chinese Music Research Institute in 1994. Ox Horn Pan Flute won the Gold Medal in the 1996's Chinese folk Art Exhibition. He is now Vice-president of Hangzhou Association of Folk Literature and Art, Director of Zhejiang Committee of Orchestral & String Instruments, Executive Director of the Professional Committee of China National Instruments Reforming Committee, China National Instrumental Music Academician, as well as China National Orchestral Music Academician.
Mr. M.Z. Ying
M.Z. Ying with Japanese shakuhachi master