Red Bamboo Yuping Dizi Flute Relief Carved
This Yuping dizi flute is made by Z.S.Liu in traditional Yuping style.
It is made with reddish bamboo found in Yuping.
It is in the key of F (all closed as C).
There are 6 finger holes, a blow hole and a film hole.
All around the upper part of the flute is relief carved with a dragon pattern.
The middle part is carved with a Chinese poem highlighted in white.
Beneath the poem is an engraving of colorful scenery. Lacquer applied on the surface.
Length: 69.5 cm
Diameter: around 2 cm
With the name of Yuping Liu Kunshan Workshop on it.
With the signature of the flute master on it.
With a full version of fingering charts which enable advanced players to change keys.
With velour bag.