Yuping Liu Kunshan Flute Workshop  

Liu Kunshan Flute Workshop's Original Wooden Trademark, more than 80 years old, was built by Liu Kun-shan, the second successor of the workshop. Fortunately it survived after the Cultural Revolution. Now the trademark on the front door was set up by Liu Zhe-song, the fourth successor of the workshop.

The picture on the right is Mr. Z.S. Liu, the present director of Liu Kunshan Flute Workshop. He started learning to play flutes at the age of five, and learnt to make flutes at the age of fifteen. He has learnt playing and making flutes from great masters in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. He has been the manufacturing group leader in Yuping Flute Factory when the workshop was closed during the Cultural Revolution. From 1984 onwards, when the workshop was re-opened, he has been the director of Liu Kunshan Flute Workshop.
Z.S. Liu tuning his flutes. This photo was taken by Xinhua Press in 1979. At that time Liu was a group leader of flute manufacturing team in Yuping Flute Factory. The third successor of the flute workshop, Liu Wen-zhong, was one of the founder of the Yuping Flute Factory.