Small Pair Yuping Xiao Dizi Flutes

This is a pair of small Yuping xiao and dizi flutes. They are real instruments, professionally tuned by Mr. Z.S.Liu.

The xiao was developed by Mr. Z.S.Liu-- its finger holes are opened in a dizi's way and it has a typical xiao's blow hole. So when it plays, it shows the styles of both.

Made of Xui Bamboo ("Water Bamboo") found in Yuping county.
Finger holes are also in elliptic shape.
There are 6 finger holes in both flutes, this applies to all typical Yuping xiao flutes.

The dizi is in the key of Bb.
The xiao is in the key of F.
The feminine xiao is relief-carved with phoenix in the middle.
The masculine dizi is relief-carved with dragon patterns.
A pair of Chinese tassel decoration is tied near the sound holes.

Length of both flutes: 32 cm
Diameter of both flutes: from around 1.6 to around 1.8 cm
With the name of Yuping Kunshan Flute Workshop on it.
With fingering charts.
With an elegant elliptic shaped bamboo box having pyrography on it.