Yuping Xiao Flute Red Bamboo Relief Carved

This Yuping xiao flute is made by Z.S.Liu in traditional Yuping style.
Made of Xui Bamboo ("Water Bamboo"), with natural reddish yellow color.
There are 6 finger holes, 5 in front and 1 at the back.
It is in the key of G (D with all finger holes closed).
Around 3 octaves. Mellow tones.
The bamboo nodes are trimmed so that the nobes become almost invisible.
Lacquered on the exterior.
There is a delicate relief carving of a phoenix in the clouds all around the upper part of the xiao.
Below the phoenix is a Chinese poems of Tang Dynasty, highlighted in white.
Between the third and fifth finger holes there are engravings of colorful pine tree, boat and crane scene.
Length of xiao: 70.5 cm
Diameter of xiao: 2.3 cm
Signed by Mr. Z.S.Liu
With the name of Yuping Kunshan Flute Workshop on it.
With fingering chart.
With a velour bag.