Flute Maker Yao Yuan

updated May 30, 2005

About the Maker
Chinese flute maker Yao Yuan
The instrument master, Yao Yuan, is a professional flute maker.
He started learning flute from famous dizi masters when he was a child.
Later he specialized in dizi in high school affiliated to a music college.
He studied flute playing and started flute making when he was in the university.
After years of experiences and experiments, he assimilated flute-making essence from masters in China and overseas.
His eclectic and unique style seeks a balance between traditional and modern methodology.
Many professional players including the dizi player in the 12 Girlsˇ¦ Band like to use his flutes.
About the Bamboo Materials
Bamboo materials are selected from Tong Ling Qiao in Zhejiang (southern China), with a growing period of 5 years, and are stored and allowed to dry naturally in Liaoning (northern China) for at least 3 years before production. Thatˇ¦s why the final product got flexible adaptation to both humid and hot weather of southern regions as well as arid and severely extreme weather changes in northern countries.
High stability, not vulnerable to cracking (the possibility of natural cracking< 3%).
About the Paint and Painting Process
Black, with gold crackle. Stage effects.
Elegant look.
The environment-friendly lacquer paint is jointly developed by Germany and Hong Kong and is verified by The Association of Quality Control in China, The Chinese Products Promotion & Evaluation Center and The Environment Protection Label Certification Committee of China. It is poison-free and does not affect the sound and accuracy of notes.
It has gone through 11 application procedures.
The paint application will not stain, fade, change color or dislocate even under high or low temperature or humid environment.